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Compost Pile

A handful of compost

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Compost encourages earthworms and other critters. It provides nutrients and improves the soil. Starting a compost pile in your yard is convenient and it keeps lawn clippings and food scraps from filling up landfills.

How to Make Compost

  • Start with a layer of leaves, grass clippings and kitchen waste like banana peels, eggshells, old lettuce leaves, apple cores and coffee grounds.
  • Keep adding materials until you have a six-inch layer, then cover it with three to six inches of soil, manure, or finished compost.
  • Alternate layers of organic matter and layers of soil or manure until the pile is about three feet tall. A pile that is three feet tall by three feet square will generate enough heat during decomposition to sterilize the compost.
  • Your compost pile may benefit from a compost activator. Activators get the pile working, and speed the process.
  • Keep the pile in a semi-shaded area to keep it from drying out too much. If your pile is near a tree, turn it frequently to make sure the tree roots do not grow into it.
  • If your compost pile has a strong odor, try turning it more often. Odors are often caused by poor air circulation or a pile that is too tightly packed.

Jay has started a compost pile in our yard. It is way in the back just in case it starts to stink and so it is out of sight. They say the process should take about two months, but our pile is not big enough so we have not made any successfully yet.


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