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I do not know about you, but I am thankful that it is Friday and the start of a weekend. C loves to play games so I was trying to think of some simple games that we can play outside this weekend.

So far I have come up with jump rope games, water balloons, Cat’s cradle, hopscotch, marbles, tag, hide and seek, wiffle ball, dodgeball, Red Rover, obstacle course and treasure hunting. Some things I thought of that are not really games, but that are simple and we could do outside are biking, sprinkler, painting rocks and paper airplanes (Jay and C made a great one last night actually.)

For those of you who have forgotten the rules about how to play marbles like me, here they are courtesy of www.gameskidsplay.net:

  • A relatively smooth playing field is required, usually on dirt. A small hole is made in the center of the playing area.
  • Each player antes up a marble, and they are randomly scattered around the playing field.
  • Each player uses a large marble (called a shooter) to try to knock the other marbles into the hole (much like pool.)
  • Players take turns shooting, and if a player knocks a marble into the hole with his/her shot, they get to keep the marble they knocked in and shoot again.

If you have forgotten the rules to any other games, you should check this website out. They have the rules for over 250 different games.

What simple things will your family be doing outside this weekend?


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