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Growing Pumpkins

A pumpkin stem.

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Jay’s parents grow pumpkins in their garden and Colby recently got to pick two; one for him and one for Sawyer. He picked the biggest one for him and the tallest, skinniest one for Sawyer because it reminded him of his little brother.

At Halloween it is great to have home-grown pumpkins to make jack-o-lanterns with. Jay’s Mom also uses the fresh pumpkin to make pies and roasts the pumpkin seeds.

What I found out about growing pumpkins:

Pumpkins are gourds. They grow on vines and need a lot of space. They also need a lot of sunshine and water to stay healthy. For most families, one or two plants would be plenty.

Pumpkins need protection from wind so a sheltered warm spot is the best. Do not plant until you are sure there are not going to be any more frosts and do not plant pumpkin plants too close together. Also, do not plant them too close to potatoes, cucumbers or squash. Watch out for plant attacking slugs and snails.

Pumpkins need to be planted on a mound. If you are starting out with plants rather than seeds, plant in early June. Be sure to pick them before the first frost in the fall.

I told Colby we could plant our own for the first time next June. He does not understand why we can not plant some now. I am afraid he is going to have a long wait.


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