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Gardens improve your quality of life and fresh vegetables enhance your well-being. When you buy produce at a grocery store it is usally not fresh since it is grown far away and then transported. You can buy organic, but that is expensive.

We have a pretty large yard, but it does not get much sun. There are too many trees so most of our yard is shady. Jay has taken down some trees and hopes to take down more, but in the meantime we do not have a large sunny area for a garden. Instead the past two years we have been doing container gardening. We have had great luck growing lettuce, cabbage, eggplant, peppers, tomatoes, swiss chard, broccoli, and peas. It has been very convenient to step out our door and grab some vegetables. It has also added some more green to our yard. C has been very excited to be able to pick and there is nothing like having fresh vegetables in the summer.


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