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Behold the iPad in All Its Glory

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These are the stories of three mothers who successfully switched careers after having children to be able to do something they really love.

Tammy Botkin spent twelve years in mortgage finance and housing. Six months ago she decided to make a big leap as a single mother of three dealing with a difficult divorce. Now she is a Certified Professional Life Coach and writer.

Tammy packed up her home and put it in storage. She and her children lived in a very tight place for three months, surviving off of meager savings and with the support of family and friends.

In Tammy’s words:

“I battled daily for a long time with the thoughts that I was selfish, if not flat-out crazy, for what I was doing, but I had already lived the first half of my life according to other people’s rules.

Here’s what I have found on the other side: my kids and I still love each other dearly and we are well. The people who disapprove of me, always have. The people who loved me before, love me still.

I thought I had risked it all to find the value in really being me again. What I really found was that I gained it all by being me.”

Check out Tammy’s blog at www.tsbotkin.wordpress.com.

Josephine Geraci is the Founder and Owner of My Mom Knows Best, Inc. She left a career on Wall Street to become an inventor of a toddler product after having her first son. She never imagined she would become an inventor, have her product manufactured and see her product on the local huge baby retailer shelf.

In Josephine’s words:

“Were there any hurdles? It was like trying to climb a mountain on my knees. I knew nothing about manufacturing a product or bringing a baby product to the marketplace. Retail was totally new to me.

Running a business is really tough, but I love the rush I get when I have a really good day.”

You can see Josephine’s product at www.glovies.com.

Martyne Gagnon is a forty-five year old mother of four who became a writer after her position as an Executive Coordinator was cut. Since then she has taken on some part-time jobs, but has mostly been writing.

In Martyne’s words:

“I would put in long hours and bring work home. I worked, on average, fifty hours per week. Now I work part-time so I have time to write fantasy novels. I am not sure how many hours a week I write, because it is not work to me, it is fun.

The hardest thing was the money factor. My kids were used to getting big-ticket items, like computers and iPhones, as gifts for birthdays and Christmas which I can not afford any more. My oldest says she would rather see me happy than running to meet the next deadline. She says, “People are more important than things, Mom. If you are happy, then I will work to buy myself an iPad.”

After you had kids, did you switch jobs to do something you are passionate about? If so, please tell us about it in a comment.


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